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Juvenile Mediterranean Gulls

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

So Sunday morning I get up early and head down to Southend seafront for some gull action. I haven’t been out the field much so I am keen to get out. Amateur moment when I realise I have left my microphone behind! Headphone, digital recorder parabolic dish all here but no mic. Oh well I need to make the post of it. But straight away a group of Turnstone are all displaying at each other and that could have been a really nice clean sound to record. So the gulls are here and start trying to get pictures of them. Several adult Mediterranean Gulls are present and a few are calling as well, a species which I have not managed to make any good recordings of before... Not long and I pick up a juvenile on the beach and manage to get closer to it. I haven’t been this close to one since September 2000 when I was catching the boat to Isles of Scilly, that was the week the Cliff Swallow was there and the Solitary Sandpiper as well, very nice. So below is the fruit of my labour

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