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Winter listening

During the winter months it is a good time to start to learn bird song. What! I hear you say, well during the winter fewer birds are singing and therefore there is less bird songs to learn. Here are a few species and where you can go to hear them.

Kensington Gardens
Little Owl

Here are two type of Little Owl calls both sound cat like. They are generally most vocal at dusk and during the night. Hyde Park and Kensington Garden is a good place to look and listen for them. They will eat insects including worms so you can find them feeding on the ground or dropping down on to their prey.

Hampstead Heath
Green Woodpecker

Green Woodpeckers are common throughout London and most parks will have them, the problem is seeing them. One handy way is to listen to them.

Here you can hear some laughing at you. This is their commonest call.

Queen's Wood, London
Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpeckers are ubiquitous in London, you’ll find them where every you have mature trees.

The PICK PICK call here is used all year round, whereas the drumming is normally done during the winter and early spring

St. James's Park

Mandarin ducks have escaped from collections and are now breeding in London. They can be found flying about in the royal parks and in other parks across London including Grovelands Park in Southgate. They will nest in trees and walk their young a distance to the nearest pond/lake.

Straight out of China, they have a distinctive call and gather at dusk to carry out a head shaking display.

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